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Our Services

ProBusiness Agency

ProBusiness AgencyProBusiness is willing to support the international expansion of top quality producers that needs a professional representation, marketing services or a specialist knowledge on a particular market or commodity. We offer our services to manufacturers of products for the Oil & Gas industry (upstream to downstream) which are looking the service of professional intermediaries that will help to increase business.

The objective of ProBusiness Agency is to increase business of our customers in certain areas or product lines. ProBusiness is driven by tangible results obtained by our customers, in fact, payment to ProBusiness will be related to the effective business generated to customers. The Agency and Trading activities are supported by strategic investments and alliances made by ProBusiness in the industrial assets related to core activities and suppliers.

ProBusiness Trading House

ProBusiness Trading HouseIn order to better connect demand and supply side on the industry, ProBusiness offers the trading house service. In fact, ProBusiness is willing to offer the trading service which reduce our suppliers’ risk and at the same time it will improve commercial and logistic conditions of our offer in certain areas and products.

ProBusiness is engaged in the physical trading of top quality products providing financing, logistics, inspection and marketing services.

The main goal of ProBusiness Trading house is to reduce the inefficiencies of the market, taking a commercial role (buyer/seller) on the transaction.

ProBusiness Consulting Services

ProBusiness Consulting ServicesProBusiness team own a long experience in many regions, products supplied to the Oil & Gas industry and business scenarios like negotiation of framework agreements, renegotiations of prices of commodities with majors suppliers of the industry, setting evaluation criteria and negotiation strategy on international tenders, etc.

All our experience and network is available to the end user that decide to take advantage of our ProBusiness Consulting Services. We consider this service very interesting for buyers that are looking for a partner that help them to set strategies that reduces the total cost of specific commodities or reduce the current price level of contracts to be renegotiated.

The cost of ProBusiness Consulting Services is 100% linked to the effective and tangible savings and results achieved by our customers.